Dedicated transport service

External loads transportation with helicopters

The helicopter is a practical, fast and cost-effective solution to reach all those places inaccessible to many means of transport. We provide the maximum potential that the fascinating world of the rotary wing allows. We offer any type of aerial work in complete safety and with utmost professionalism thanks to the experience of our pilots gained over the years.

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Building materials

We transport construction materials to various job sites quickly and professionally including lumber, pallets, concrete, scaffolding.

Supplying huts

Trentino South Tyrol is still home to many mountain huts and alpine pastures that cannot be reached by land and need constant supply during the high season. The helicopter therefore becomes an excellent ally for the transport of foodstuffs, raw materials for the repair of many structures, wood for heating, and the transport of waste to the valley to reduct the pollution in the mountains.


We transport timber quickly and safely from places inaccessible to land vehicles without the need to erect a cableway.

Aerial filming and photography

The helicopter is an excellent ally for aerial photography, be it of hill climbs, movies or simply landscape shots.