Where are we?

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Elicampiglio's main operational base is located in Dimaro (Trento). There are two other detached bases in Imer (Trentino) and Renon/Ritten (Bolzano/Bozen), strategic points for reaching the Dolomites, lakes and mountain pastures throughout Trentino South Tyrol.
Headquarter and main base
Dimaro Folgarida
Elicampiglio Srl
Via dei Dossi 182
38025 Dimaro Folgarida (TN)
Tel. 0463 974044
In flight: coordinates 46°19'47.4 "N 10°53'29.3 "E
Radio frequency: 130.00
Base in Trentino
Val Noana
38050 Imer (TN)
Tel. 335 5311661
In flight: coordinates 46°08'49.6"N 11°48'02.6"E
Radio frequency: 130,00